Tuesday, June 09, 2009


It is for Isabela. At least for Santiago City, this morning.

Remember back, I bought a rotisserie oven meant for the chickens? It was never started, not even opened. Yesterday, while toying with something new to do....we made a call to an electrician, and yes he can install pronto. Made a call to the farm to slaughter ten (10) chickens weighing 1.5kg. Instructed to season with salt and pepper and to bring it at 6pm to the proposed outlet.

By 5pm, the proposed outlet was being swept....it had been abandoned for sometime. By 6pm, the chickens were being inserted into the bars.... YIKES, it wasn't a simple task to just put them into those rods. It needs experience and know how. Easier said than done! But they are machines, and we are humans. After several trials and errors, we got them going merrily around without falling wings nor legs :)

By 7pm, we got it broiling....to perfection till a litle after 8pm. Hey, they taste great. That rotisserie looked intimidating but was simple to use.

How are we going to call the chickens? Because the sun was up this morning.....I am inclined to call the SUNNY.

Taglines? I have several now in my little notebook. To be discussed with my sign printer who I am meeting later today. Don't want to preempt my AD taglines now.

So there, we had been equipped for a while. Had to wait for proper timing and motivated personnel.

Actually, we are just setting this up and turnkey operation to a loyal staff of ours. It was offered to others, but some people don't have the talent to spot opportunities nor business ideas.

Welcome to Sunny!

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