Monday, June 15, 2009

Catch The Sunshine, If You Can

We now catch, slaugher, dress, dry rub and roast Sunshines daily.

My two best tools at 5:30am for this task....a truck and my dressy rubber boots. Syempre naman, even if farming, you can look good.

Getting to the farm at sunrise, we see chicken crates near the 1st ranging area. Since the caretaker now knows that we dress daily, he has learned time management and segregates as seen, the roasted chicken and the frozen dressed chicken required sizes.

We are now on triple number from the 1st dry run day of Sunny, so he was still catching them when we arrived.

How do you catch the Sunshines?

1) You have a smaller netted area, where you guide them to entering. Of course before that, you have sort of pre judged them by eyes already if they are in the weights you want to harvest.

2) Excercise run around with them. Practicing poker face and your peripheral vision, faking that you are looking left, when you are targetting to grab their legs :) That is good if you are experienced. If not, you end up looking a taong grasa after a rainy night, running in paddies.

3) Aha, they haven't had their grains...its just sunrise! So, you spread out a mat and sprinkle feeds on the ground. They all run around your can get ticklish, that is when you thank your boots again.

By now, you can just carefully pick them from the back as they eat. No stress :) They are still pecking and as they are weighed before loading up in the colorful chicken crates.


  1. san makakabili ng herbal medicine for my sunshine chicken? Thanks.

  2. Ayus ah! It's what we call manok bisaya in our place :) Keep it up! Let's free ourselves from feeds and preservatives :)

  3. @ Precy, no need to buy :) Just make them. Tadtad, chop chop, halo halo....tapos halo mo sa water or sa feeds. Great to use: garlic, oregano, ginger, sili, onions or whatever you have.

    @ Kit, yes it does taste and was reared like the manok bisaya :) You reminded me of a Kit who is Cebuano.