Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Agri With Less Antibiotics

And more of probiotics :)

I was advised today that one of the Sunshine growers, TJ Gonzalez, will be featured in the July 2009 Agriculture Magazine again.

Again, because in 2008, he had been featured several times about his finding and developing his niche market for the Sunshines he grows together with his partner Jop.

Sometime about 2 months ago, Zac Sarian featured TJ again because he is one of the growers who opts to raise our line of Naked Necks. This July, he gets featured with his Sunshines, because the cover features are on "less antibiotics, more on probiotics".

We are happy to have had TJ with us from the start. He has had the opportunity to try other breeds as he was asked to foster care a flock for a friend....good for all, as he was able to compare.

Actually, breeds aside....I am more proud of how we market our growers. Hopefully our growers are aware at what they are offered.

Given that the different chicks are all pure and from Certified Parent Stocks, the bottomline will be the chicks' growth will depend on the care that was given to it :)

We have seen TJ from good weather to stormy ones. He loves what he is doing, plants, animals etc. His passion is seen in his produce.

Less antibiotics, more probiotics.....less talk, more TJ of Baliuag Bulacan.

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