Friday, June 12, 2009

Rule #1, Look After Health

We are the first to always say that our Sunshines are not for breeding, they are raised for meat purposes.

Inspite of all those....we still get the so-called "dispersals". The group who will buy "ready to slaughter" at live weights. They then "disperse" what they may term as breeders or the layers.

If meant as layers, that is OK. The Sunshines are dual purpose...meat and table egg production.

I remember once that I got a comment on this blog and a text on my phone, about our selling breeders when we say they are not for breeding....or something to that effect. Doc Rey called the person.

We can't think of any such transaction, until we traced it to a branch of ours who had a recent sale on live weight transaction. Supposedly for the purpose of slaughtering. Surely, breeders can't be bought for PHP150/kg :)

The person turned out to be a veterinarian so they were talking on the same level. This veterinarian wasn't party to the term breeders etc. He was just the recipient. The guy the project was turned over to. So, he knew exactly where the problem was :(

Two months after, he calls Doc Rey. The chickens were thin and lost a lot of weight.

Were they being taken cared of?

Were they being fed?

Veterinarian talking to another veterinarian. Surely, even if it was hog grower that was being fed to your chickens, they will still GROW...delayed yes...but as long as being fed, they won't decrease in weight. At the very least, they will not gain, but not lose :(

He will look into the management...

Next sentence. They haven't laid eggs.

Please don't forget that we say chickens don't need roosters to lay their table eggs. They don't need layer mash to lay. BUT, bear in mind...they need to be healthy chickens, to be able to lay eggs.

Malnourished hens will probably not lay eggs. You will have to condition them and bring them at par with their healthy layer counterparts :)

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