Monday, June 08, 2009

Veggie Congress, GENSAN

Just got a call for an invite to the Veggie Congress in Gen Santos City on July 14-16.

What is most interesting is also an opportunity to visit Pacman's farm and he is hosting lunch for a Veggie Derby! Wehehheeh he can't get over the derbies huh? The farm was planted with several kinds and different varieties of see which are the fastest growing ones.

Time..if only schedules can be held in one's palm for a day longer. It will coincide with a trade show we are attending. Well..maybe we can all go to Davao, then Gen San. I fly earlier to ingress for show and Doc Rey and company stays behind.

Lemme think.....


  1. Hi! This is Gay from A Scientist in the Kitchen. I am based in Gen San already. Let me know if you are visiting here, ok?

  2. @ Gay, Of course I know you are in Gen San now. Actually, I thought about you right away when we got the invites. And, you got me dreaming about the homemade bacon ha! When I read that in our other favorite blog, it didn't get me interested. Your really simple way of making kwentos made me salivate. Can I do that kaya with sliced liempo na? Cutting work noh? lol

  3. Sliced liempo would work well. Or if you could get some bacon-sliced liempo, I think no need to bake.

  4. @ gay, no need to bake? Meaning, pan fry straight? Sorry ha....alam mo naman cooking clueless ako...but I read and listen :)