Sunday, June 07, 2009


Difficult to answer a general question of "Why did my 3 chickens die suddenly last night?"

Hopefully, you complied and dutifully did your flock report...that gives us a better picture.

So when you call us, be prepared with ideally, ALL or at least SOME, of the following :)

1) daily flock report
2) what were the irregular observations lately
3) do they have colds?
4) what is the color of the manure?
5) was there a sudden change of temperature the past days? nights?
6) how were they acting the past days? night?
7) what have you been giving them in terms of treatment?
8) was there a change of caretaker?
9) change in feeds?
10) did you vaccinate recently? medicate?

Actually, we suggest that you be in touch with us with your WEEKLY weights. These help us both monitor developements and problems at the onset...and it builds a very good rapport between you, caretaker and solraya :) These weekly talks almost always, are able to nip at the bud of problems. Send us pictures and what have yous! Pictures MAY tell a lot of truth.

Remember the "K" in the seminar check list? KEEP IN TOUCH

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