Thursday, June 18, 2009


Are you scared to go through slippery mud because you may get stuck? Your fears are very well founded. But surely, you can't just stand there and not cross to get to the other side. Much like problems we have to hurdle in daily life...same thing with this mud.

You have to be well equipped, plan, and be brave :) then GO!

I was watching our old, battered L300 this morning. He can't hardly inch his way on the slippery mud. He can't do that by exerting all effort and throttling. The more he will get stuck and lose ground.

Move cautiously, maneuver firm, but sway with the mud. If you have the upperhand against competition, sure go forward fast. But, if you are an old L300, go slow and sway dance it. Don't be wary of the soft looking means they have been used by others and safer to go that route :)

If you are a powerful truck, don't destroy the road too. You will have to pass by the same path on the way back and you will need it to be open to traffic.

After the hard work of the day and hiking through, you will need those puddles to cleanse :)

The same story in other aspects of life.

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