Friday, June 05, 2009

Be Fit, Be Prepared

Doc Rey always talks about "What to prepare before the arrival of chicks"....

On top of the standards in poultry management, biosecurity included, you should also be prepared to go around the farm....that's the only way to go to observe. You can't just trust stories handed to you, can't rely on have to go out there :)

Dry or wet season, we need to be well equipped and clothed. Not all farms are flat, no tall grass, nor no insects and predators. I feel secure going around in boots, walking stick (not just to ward off danger...but to help me climb) gasp gasp.

Posted previously about my penchant for colorful boots. These rainy days make me enjoy them more even in the city. Today, when I visited Mabol and her aunt farmers, they were all so "aliw" at my black and white colored boots with dog prints.

I showed them the site where they may surf for their chosen design - just search for "plueys manila". In two hours, we were on our way to pick up our orders.

I fell in love with these colored rain drops....

New working shoes are in order. I have to be safe when doing farm visits. If you are prepared, work is done easier and faster.

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