Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Grow Your Own

From the very start, we had been advocating for the backyard and weekend farmers to grow their own food....mostly chicken :)

The restaurants and food service industry had been primarily a customer for the small commercial growers.

Recently, maybe because of volume needed, logistics...some restaurants have decided to grow their own Sunshines.

You say they can't do it because they don't know how to raise? That was what I thought so too at the onset. But I realized, they had been growing their own white chickens to make sure they get constant they do have a team of poultry men. Most see the logic of getting a good brooding man, then the feeders and rangers are new hires.

Where's the logic to that? They don't have bad habits on raising chickens. weheheheheh

"Growers don't fret :)" You are not losing a market. It should be opportunity for you to be creative and get several steps more up the ladder...or several steps sideways, where there is a lot more elbow room for play.

Honest, if I was a grower...serving the restaurants is hard. It's OK if they have minimal requirements, but if they are big? Let them grow their own, and you will be led to something better.

Now when we go around, we don't just do farm visits...but taste tests as well!

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