Friday, June 19, 2009

Clear The Way

New batches required new ranging areas. Also, segregation areas are in order because we have to separate sizes for Sunny and the vacuum packed dressed chickens.

Areas nearer to the entrance had to be cleared. Easier to shove them in crates and to carry them to the truck, even when parked by the roadside.

Life has to be easier for caretaker, clear the way for new netted plots that will act as holding areas. Accessible for me too, rather than walk all the way just to check on tomorrow's harvest.

Cleaning and clearing. You have an image of open space....allowing the grass, soil, insects and even the worms to breathe fresher air. Hidden in the ground are treasures. No chemicals, just good everything....I repeat...grow your own food :)

See what we found!

All young, short trees, giving us fruits. No commercial fertilizers used. Bear in mind, we do range rotations and so our areas are fertile from the compost rice hull and chicken manure.

Chokonan when eaten green

Sweet Santol
Delicately flavored Atis....sarap
Because of these, I asked help to clean, clear and discard from cupboards and rarely used cabinets at home. I might just find some treasures....stowed and forgotten.

But then, things kept and forgotten are not that essential for you. Better to be given to someone who needs it

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