Monday, June 01, 2009

Cardinal Santos

Hospitals and medical doctors are two things I stay away from. I can't point to what brought about this phobia, but its real :(

It is double whammy when family is sick because you tend to think about your fears and think that they are experiencing that too.

Tripled when you can't be there because of work. Priorities weighed and since I was just in Metro Manila, I had to be away when my mother was sick since the start of a show last week. That experience stressed me a lot and my tummy had just been acting tightly.

We were just waiting for the last test done yesterday. All other vital tests were the worst news are over.

Today, I go into Cardinal Santos.... excuse my long absence from the hospital scene...but valet parking, very cheerful lobby, no medicine odor at all....the doors of the patients' rooms had no names (was it for security reasons or for it to un-look like the normal hospitals?), the room was very comfortable, wide scenic window....

Mommy was sleeping well. Looked well. A second after, my tummy started to feel better! The stress has started to leave me too. Though she complains of hip pains, we are more than happy that vital tests are passed.

What was the best test? She talked a lot, asked for the bad food, made "bilin" (sounds scary? but its just naturally being a mother). Anyway, she is set to go home tomorrow. Decided to rest myself and will stay in Manila for the week.

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