Monday, June 01, 2009

Globe Duo

Time away from shows, seminars and farm visits makes me get a hold of small talk and chats... good I waited for my sister and brother-in-law to get to the hospital today as our conversation got to Globe's Duo.

You send the message [Duo mm on] to 8888. You get a 2nd line (landline) on your cellphone post paid line, that allows you to call and be called by Metro Manila (02) numbers for free. I presume that is what "mm" stood for. Makes me assume that this is also available for other key areas, that you register to also, IF you are there often enough.

I was running low on I called Doc Rey asap to tell him to forward whatever message I send him, to 8888. He didn't click REPLY to the msg he got from 8888 right away. By the time I was able to instruct him to do so, he got a landline number two numbers away from mine. Pity, we could have had numbers in succession. Not possible to choose, so you will have to be quick to get neighboring ones.

Why didn't he REPLY right away? The message to be forwarded [Duo mm on] looked satanic or at the very least, like a joke to him. He expected that 8888's reply to him had to be inverted to read, or encrypted :)

Argggggg....almost always, a technical mind can't just accept instructions....they can't simplify their minds!

Much like taking care of free range chickens...let's simplify our ways and go back to basics. Take things as it is.

Globe Duo...s0me things are free. Or fairly priced. You pay additional PHp399 for the value added service.


  1. mas malaki nga matitipid mo sa pagtawag sa landline.imagine meron ka ng landline number at a cost of 400 pesos only a month.