Friday, March 06, 2009

Heny Sison's HAManok

Wednesday, while waiting at the cargo bay of PAL for my HERBaboy from Jojie Lim, Heny Sison calls and says that she prepared chicken hams and wanted me to taste and get one. Ok then, it was past 3pm, no lunch yet, so the prospect was very inviting :)

Parked at her office at about 5pm, I just peeped my head to call on her girl so I can just drive thru for the ham.

Surpise, surprise! Heny was manning a class for Bars at her ground floor class and comes to me with a two (2) plates of chicken ham. Seems like she had been nibbling on it too weheeheh. One was her previous recipe, plain. The second plate was sugar coated. "I like this, the sweetness is there, but coy". She said, "OK, I will then give you the one that is sugared". She had her girl bring out two (2) hams, differently ribboned. She said one was for Gov DV...and if I can take it please :)

She wanted us to talk again for the marketing of chicken ham. Off to Naga the next day and on to Ilocos Sur and Baguio. When I get back to Manila then... yes we meet...and I get to open my ham too :)

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