Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Go Against The Tide

Yesterday was not an ordinary one.

You don't normally cross a river (in your own vehicle ha), drive through sharp and rough river stones, drive with the tide and make a turn to drive against the tide. It was like sitting in a banka, seeing tree branches riding with the tide, observing how water breaks into different streams and getting back their speed again....it seeks its own path.

Doc Rey said I should take pictures....sure! One of the rare times that I don't have spare batteries, nor my recharger, nor do I have new pen sized batteries. Well...I said it as a day out of the ordinary.

We got to the other side of the river and delivered Sunshine day old chicks. Great location and the number of mango trees make default shelters for the ranging Sunshines in 3weeks :)

What did I learn from yesterday? I didn't need a 4X4, no need for a Land Cruiser to cross a river and brave the sharp rocks. You just need to believe in what you have and make calculated risks...but yes, I needed strong tires wehehehehe

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