Tuesday, March 31, 2009


One of our Sunshine growers in Gen Santos, is the hubby of the former executive assistant of a very good friend of mine. That was eons ago....the years that we were still golfing, gulping, jetting and all other INGS.

I have not seen Patty in maybe 20yrs. Agrilink 2007....we were both like "huh...I know you..." Ayun, she used to be the executive assistant of Vic at PLDT. You know her job...she was the ONE we all bugged for the small needs we had. She retired, I guess her hubby decided that she assisted him instead of getting bombarded by Vic's friends anyway. Now, as pastime, she and Rene are into farming in Gen Santos.

You think they raised Sunshines in 2007? Nope! Agrilink 2008...now it was just Rene who comes up to me an introduced himself as Patty's hubby.

Point is....he took time to think and prepare. He started with 100. Now, we are at 200 every 2weeks.

Am not sure if it was because he read about my business idea post on "ready to range" chicks, or did he read Zac Sarian's article on a good endeavor? Or must be both! Rene was asking about meeting him to discuss the "ready to range" prospects.

Time and schedules haven't allowed us to meet..that was about 2weeks ago.

Today, before lunch, I got a text asking about 1week old Sunshines for Gen Santos. I gave the texter Rene's number. Late this afternoon, Rene texts that he sold 100 "postbrood" Sunshines, for PHP90 each.

See....very me. Why discuss feasibilities and pencil pushings. Easier to get to practice pronto!

Nice new term..."postbrood".

Looking forward to visit Patty's Farm.


  1. yep, you should. and where are the postbrood pictures/templates that i can use to make tarp ads? i am raring to talk to the mayor/dti/da of the region to fully market this now.
    thanks for all help. even our pldt vp wants to see the farm now. heheheheh

  2. maybe i would need plenty of brochures too. make me your marketing and sales extension there in southern mindanao.
    di ba?

  3. @ Rene, naka plan na talaga na visit kami ng Gen Santos with Zac Sarian :)

    For tarp ads, I have a post somewhere on NEW BRANDING....snatch what you need.

    Naku you can't find time to do Southern Mindanao. Na execite ka lang because of what Patty's Farm produces, but marketing the Sunshines? Baka di mo waste ang time mo sa sisiw :)

    Let's market your production instead....the ready to range is great start to find reason to talk to your friends around.

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