Wednesday, March 25, 2009


What is a gold strike for me? When we get the entrepreneur raisers.

What do I mean by that? There are entrepreneurs. And they have a magic eye for what will move, decides on vibes and experience and acts fast. That is what differentiates them from the others :)

90% of the time we are asked, "where is the market?"............oh you know that person will take ages before he decides to raise some.

An entrepreneur wants to know why your product is different, why it will be worth carrying/using and makes calls to start his brooders while you are still finding that extra calling card to hand over to him. The more the reality is presented, the more he knows it is worth going into.

They don't ask where the market of the production is. They CREATE the market! Its not even finding the market...CREATING is the key word.

You ask now, but they may have the good eyes, but can they raise my Sunshines? YES....they have the talent also of choosing good people to work for them. And they look after their workers turn, they reap back with an abundant harvest.

One can't be and do everything all the time. You may be able to raise chickens well, but someone else has to focus on the business side.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of sharing coffee with Jonathan. He is setting up several ranging areas. Strategic locations actually. Near the trading areas and have spoken with live chicken dealers even before he started brooding.

Incidentally, he is trained in pest control. He knows how and when to use his baits.

Jonathan, I wish your Sunshine ranges, "mushrooms" in number :)

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