Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Its Our Playsure

We know we have full schedules ahead as next week we visit growers in the Northern Luzon area.

So Sunday afternoon, decided to take a good night's sleep and start off early Monday for a relaxed schedule. To do what? To visit new growers' ranging areas and dealers. HAHAHHAHAHHA...yes I hear a big laugh! But its different when there is no schedules, no hotel bookings...like stay and do whatever :)

First stop yesterday....a new ranging area in Bulacan. We thought that we will see the brooders here. Doc Rey wanted to check on it because they got 100 on day1, 100 on day2 and wanted to get 700 the 3rd day. Doc Rey just alarmed him on the space requirements, so he opted to get 300 on the 3rd day. His brooding HAD to be checked. On the way to the farm, we realize that he was brooding in the Metro, but we may see the ranging area he was preparing.

Perfect location. Very near Metro Manila....logistics play an important role.

Anyway...what's my story here...

I was surprised to see a young man. I would say he looks 20s to me. He is a Medical Doctor but really wants to be an entrep-farmer. He followed his parents' wish first. Now, that he has proven himself, became a successful doctor...he now wants to do what he really wants :)...farming and business.

His profile as a doctor, entrepreneur wanna be, his wife's business - all those were different from the other growers - our talk also brought out great business ideas from moi! I will discuss those in other threads. Interesting ideas...promise :)

Wait! Am sidetracked here.....my heart's blab here is the "FOLLOW FIRST"... "OBEY FIRST"

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