Sunday, March 15, 2009

Have To Go Back

Have you been to Cam Sur Water Park?

We don't do wakeboarding, but it was fun watching them and dining after a seminar in Naga.

The province of Camarines Sur did well developing this piece of property. It is now renowned worldwide for wakeboarding destination. Accomodations are very good, clean and well priced.

My son did this one weekend not too long ago, but he really into surfing and the likes. You have to be really fit when doing those. I excitedly called him to say we were enjoying the place he had been to....and he said he "was in a ferry to Camiguin"! Our host was like "huh?"....what does he do for a living? Well....he is single, young, taking his sweet time and enjoying life. He is like off every weekend :)

I will want to go back to Naga soon....have to taste the guinataang Santol that I missed because I had to stay in bed because of flu :(

The best tourist attraction of Camarines Sur may be yet be their people....very unassuming, pleasant...really nice :)

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