Sunday, March 01, 2009

Smoked Chicken

We've had this smoking chamber that we never had the time to try out. Read a lot about smoked chicken, the process and how it promised the best tasting way to have your poultry.

Am not sure why today was different. Maybe because we have somehow mastered the art of juggling time and work between radio programs, weekend markets, fixing invoices and scheduling orders on a Sunday? By after lunch, I knew I wanted to smoke chicken.

Had the smoking chamber brought out, cleaned, dry rubbed my three (3) chickens with very simple seasoning and started the smoking process.

Uhhhhhh.....dinner was heaven. Licked to the bones, chewed on it and really sucked on the bones. We were just describing the bones....can you imagine what it was like biting into the wings and the drumsticks. My favorite is the chicken ass...the three (3) were erased before anyone may think about getting it. My least favorite is the breast. I had to try this just for comparison. I ended up with very tasty white meat :)

This recipe is a winner! Nothing beats low fire, slow cooking, smoke :) And of course, the real taste of chicken.

I vacuum packed some, to test how it may be marketed.

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