Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Relating Things

Today was a sandy day. Nails, lunch, browsing around, calling new suppliers for new products, looking at the venue for Philfoodex even if actual ingress is tomorrow yet, picking up my new signs...in other words it was a different day and somehow the small things made me see new ideas :)

1) hanging my fascia boards - the printer wanted me to use the old and reliable double sided foam tapes. Ok I will, but I was adamant to want to hang it simply. Less hassle, and it will be more secure that way. The hooks may not be the perfect size and it will require that I be able to postion it on a straight line. Easier said than done! But once I do, even if the size was not perfect, the bottom portion should rest comfortably, even if at an angle. Which might be better actually! The horizontal line of the hooks should be aligned.

Got a call from a friend about making a trip to La Union and Ilocos Sur for farm visits, and if I had growers who were using certain products, who may be interviewed. Certainly, plus the fact that we really suggest using those products. The trip will not fit our schedules really as we will be coming in from Naga, but horizontal marketing flashed in my mind. I made quick calls...and yes, we can all meet in Ilocos Sur. We are not the focus for the farm visits, but hey, Sunshines will be featured.

2) I called a farm owner in Tarlac who was raising chicks for the color in the farm and the great taste it was bringing to his table. First 100, 200, 500 and about 2weeks ago 800. He said that it is almost gone, save for what he personally consumes. Town folks were happy seeing large native chickens, and they buy from him. I suggested the "ready to range" and he said yes perfect as that was the problem of others. We talked about a price and he said too much. I was surprised that he was selling the Sunshines at almost the same price he got it for. Apparently, he was just wanting to help and for the town folks to realized that they can grow their own food. The LGUs were starting to see his advocacy.

Yes, it was a confirmation and reiteration that we shouldn't lose our focus on the backyard farmers.

3) Instant orders - My paraphernalia for Philfoodex was ordered for pickup today. At the last minute, I wanted some stickers for use in the Naga dispersal. I had to wait the whole day for a measly 12 stickers. The printer had a lot of work scheduled. But they got fast printers, several of them, had a lot of personnel. Yes, but the line was still long.

Some volume customers do not understand that unless they have previous bookings, they can't be served pronto. Our regular, even if small quantities, can't and may not be disregarded in favor of a big order. If there was a regular schedule, then we can play with the irregular small orders, but not to sacrifice the regular ones. About 3weeks ago, a messenger told me "but they order volume, you can't set them aside" I replied, "I'd rather have 20 small ones than 1 big one". Chicks aren't like rice that you may stock the season's harvest. Our chicks are hatched 2x a week and we need to schedule the sale even before they are hatched. Pronto customers have to undertand that unless booked, they may not have any if they advise one day before. We have the numbers to supply, it is scheduling that we request you to respect.

4) bonding lunch with my bdayboy son - he had been seeing this nice girl who I have not yet met, but since he talks a lot about her, its like I know her.

Being true to yourself and others...saying things as it is.

5) Joining Philfoodex - It is for other people to see what is new in the market and maybe getting new suppliers.

That is what I also decided to do today, look at new products. That kept me excited and filled my time before Sunshine. I should set time again for opening my eyes to what is new.

6) People who know me, know I am a Crocs person, way before it was used here. I have it in all colors wehehehe. Today, I got myself a men's style, w/o second thoughts. I wanted it, my feet needs it and it was simply that.

Some say I have to bend because I am in marketing and sales. I don't. Even in my choice of products to sell, I maintain what I believe in. If I went for what is the norm and looked good to wear on my feet, I would have sprained my ankles by now, just like my younger son who sprained himself after playing basketball today. Stuck to what is comfortable for me, I know I will swim in land wearing what my feet needs.

7) Our HERBaboy will go on a shipment with our Durian friend, to save on freight costs. Won't our baboy smell Durian?

It won't, as it is packed well. The lighter or rather the serious side to relating things is...I am like Durian...you either like me or detest me!

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