Monday, March 02, 2009

YM About Growing In The City

Someone messaged me yesterday, inquiring about raising Sunshines in the city.

Presuming you live in a residential area....I will say "Yes", if you were to grow your own food. Meaning, if your family consumes about 15 chickens a month, then ok, raise them in the city.

Not that they have foul odor, but do you have a large ranging area in your urban home? Presuming again no area. Supplementing with grains, you may give them your fruit and vegetable trimmings. Your neighbors might be happy that you will rid them of garbage too, if you got their kitchen trimmings.

Before long, your neighborhood might be envious and will want to grow their own food. Then, it may be a cooperative effort on a nearby empty plot.

Good luck..this may even turn to a business venture in the block.

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