Monday, March 23, 2009

Rockwell's Sunday Souk #2

Yesterday was the first of a series for Rockwell's Sunday Souk.

Sad that I wasn't around to man my booth, as it coincided with our monthly seminars....but I liked the life that the area was showing at 8am, while the other vendors were still setting up.

I have to thank Bunny Fabella, my high school classmate, my Power of the Pen seatmate, and the owner of Gilmore Gourmet. She had been a booster since Philfoodex. Yesterday, she was calling me to make suggestions. A customer calls me today and says there was this lady at my booth that had been talking about how good such and such was. I will guesstimate.....that was Bunny :)

Got a lot of calls today. Of course the Sunshine Chicken is a given. Aside from that, peope were raving about out heavenly coco milk and our salted duck eggs. As described, the coco milk is non fat and is the stage before you get your virgin coconut oil. I would say it is a creamy buko juice, with a slight gata flavor. Our salted duck eggs are a real treat. The saltiness is barely there, cheeselike I would say.

I invite you to try it.

See you at Sunday Souk #2...April 19.

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