Friday, March 27, 2009

Genaro's Bangus Grill

If you see our growers featured in agriculture magazines, you may want to know that we equally market the restaurants that use our chickens :)

For the Jan-Feb 2009 issue of F&B World, when we were interviewed and featured, we invited the crew to sample Sunshines at Zucchini's restaurant. F&B World mentioned them in that issue and the next issue of March-April had Zucchini's featured too :)

Now to Genaro's.... they are based in Santiago City, Isabela where we are based too. Having lunch by drive thru, at their gate side grill, is normal for us. I always ordered fish as the name connotes, is supposed to be their specialty.

Sometime ago, rare time that we go there for dinner and decided to dine in. Oh they have native chicken and Monterey pork too. I order for Sinampalukang Manok, only to be told that the supply is very erratic. Hmmmmm.....small talks that led me to talk about Sunshines. And yes, send her 10 chickens the next day for testing.

That is history. They had been ordering consistently.

About 2weeks ago, I thought of making "Sunshine Chicken is being served at Genaro's Bangus Grill" as our tagline for the radio ads for Region2. Really worked! The sales have doubled. And Grace the owner, appreciated the fact that we made effort to look after marketing too. Obviously, she makes good, I do too :)

Last night, brainstorming about employees handling tips and how to cut down on workload as Grace did the cooking...we brought up the idea of new recipes, ones that stir far from the inasal every corner available. Oh yes, keep the classic tinola and sinampalukan...but get going with offerings that only you have, at least for the moment. Offering that you know you started.

That brought the conversation to my smoking chicken. I shared a recipe of a relative, that I amended to make it easier for me to do. We now look forward to introducing Smoked Sunshine Chicken at Gabriel's of Genaro's.

Gabriel's of Genaro's...That is their new outlet. Strategic, along Maharlika Hway, across the 24hr Mercury Drugstore in Santiago City, Isabela.

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