Wednesday, March 25, 2009


In these trying times, you always seek ways to gain and save, learn to unlearn, move forward to go back to basics, withdraw to be able to give, meet problems to find solutions, find alternative routes in all aspects....

Presented with a problem of supply, some industrial consumers opt to raising their own consumption. Sunshine Chickens need the space for ranging and you look for land that is cheaper to buy. You find ways to cross rivers to get at the other side :) Don't worry, come rainy season, there is a road that leads to that land, though 20kms farther.

He had tasted Sunshine Chicken from our stocks of dressed chickens used for marketing purposes during trade shows. The go-go entrepreneur decided he can use this for new recipes he had in mind. Conservative start, he loads 5,000 heads as he will easily consume that in 3weeks, so he may cycle brooders.

One week after, we visit to check on brooding. We cross again the river....oh yes, this time I made sure I had batteries charged for my documentation :)

The Sunshines look great in 7days. The chicks are moving around comfortably. Well fed, enough space, clean surroundings and beddings...good start.

Since they used former pig pens, they were advised to make holes/windows in the pen's walls, for ventilation. Or, they may install bamboo flooring so they elevate the chicks and they have more air. They opted to make the brooding area large and divided the 5,000 chicks into several pens. Consequently, they will need more gas brooders as more pens were used. To answer that problem, they elected to use charcoal/rice hull for heating. Placed inside drums, with holes all around, to distribute the heat evenly. A very clever and practical way of saving.

Summer is here and the sun's orientation is bad for the brooding area. I overheard Doc Rey suggesting to speed up the ranging area already as outdoor brooding is feasible for this farm. There are 14hectares, a lot of we can play with a lot of shaded areas.

Movable chicken pens are being constructed, with elevated flooring of bamboo slats. Nets are being ordered. The ranging Sunshines will surely do a lot of fertilizing here.

I was getting restless after walking around and taking pictures. Peeked inside what is obiously the caretakers' lounging area, as it is where the loud music was blaring from. I have to say I always get touched by the way an employer takes care of the employees. Says a lot about them. No junk here for the farm people. He saved on some, but takes care of what is essential and comfort for his men.

Oh btw, the naked necks are showing to be doing very well in the onset of Summer :) See how they love showing off their skin. As they say...flaunt it!

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