Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ilocos Sur Weekly

We have to thank the coverage that Agriculture Magazine gives us, and their trust in our products. They feature our growers, announce our seminars to reach out to people who wants to learn for livelihood, and report on the different aspects of successful money making ideas.

One province that had supported the Sunshine endeavor is Ilocos Sur. By now, there are several independent growers (who no longer rely on government's dispersal) lechon manok vendors, doing the ready-to-range and food processing.

Why did the ready-to-range prosper? Because the people have compared the quality of those privately raised in comparison to those brooded under make-do-to comply scenario. Watch out for more features by Manila Bulletin on these growing industry :)

And yes, we are able to visit the growers often, because we have an outlet of Solraya there, for Sunshine day old chicks. To make it affordable and readily available.

So, when our friends asked if we wanted to meet was an easy YES! Perfect time to document while doing farm visits. Great meals with friends...

See how uniform the harvest of Corn? The farmer used organic fertilizers. Durabloom in particular.

Side note: This is the image of Our Lady that is pasted in my mind now. When I talk to Her, this is how I see Her. Last Monday, while sitting outside Gov. DV Savellano's office, I saw this statue. Now I know why this is the image in my mind. I see her all the time :) She stands guard outside the Gov's office!

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