Saturday, March 14, 2009


I liked the champoy flavor. It was fermented plant juice. It is supposed to be a good health tonic. Wakes you up and gives you the energy boost, but makes you sleep like a log too at night. We in jest called it "PAMPA"....pampatulog, pampagising, pampa...

3C...stood for the 3 Cs of Carrots, Cucumbers and Celery.

I used a glass pitcher with a plastic lid, to ease up my work. For every kilo of plant you need 1/2k Muscovado sugar.

I got 600 grams Carrots, 350 grams Cucumber and 50 grams Celery stalks. Passed them through a grater, at random, then placing it in the pitcher and adding some Coco Sugar (yes expensive, but this was what I had in my cupboard) at a time. Layers until done. It was easier, no need to mix, as it was layered already and I just gave it a shake :) I placed it inside a black garbage bag and clipped it using a paper clip and set it on the kitchen counter to ferment.

I shook my pitcher every 2days. Actually everyday, as I peep all the time :)

Harvest in 10days. You may feed the solid to your animals. Actually I kept it and pick on it like pickles. They say take about 2 tablespoons daily or 3x a day after meals. I take a lot to drink, tablespoons wont' suffice. It does taste great for me!

Experiment with the different flavors you want.

This is not just for human consumption. Fermented plant and fruit juices are also used in natural farming for your plants and animals.

Use 1 teaspoon of fermented plant/fruit juice per liter of water. That will let the good bacteria take care of the bad bacteria in their digestive system. Use 32ml of the fermented juice in you 16liter back pack of water. Spray all around the pens, flooring and cages :) Odor free surroundings. Worry free disinfectant and deodorizer.

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  1. I have tried fermented kangkong (water cabbage) leaves. Sliced them and mixed molasses for my chicken. After 10 days, I harvested it. There were small white worms. Is this alright? Isn't there something wrong with my mixture?