Sunday, October 05, 2008

We Planned To Have Sunshine

Two months prior to Agrilink, that was in early August, I had to make sure that we will have dressed chickens for display ready by mid October.

Due to the demand, I foresaw that the growers can't be relied on to supply our marketing needs. Of course, they have to fulfill their own commitments first, before they will give me. That is understandable. Besides, I was also the one to give them those clients. Surely, they had to be given priority.

How do I make sure I will have my dressed Sunshines? I encouraged one of my store managers to egg her hubby to grow. Also encouraged Raymond Rubia to load at that period to meet the October harvest.

We ended up having a mini competition :) Raymond and I would look forward to Monday mornings when we would compare weights.

Raymond harvested some already. I personally vacuumed them. Just two days ago, I had a big chest freezer filled, thinking it will be good buffer stock. Gone! I anticipated the shortage amongst the growers. But, I didn't forsee that even our stocks will be wiped out by the increase in demand by our own work during trade shows and Market At The Hills.

Good thing, I had a fall back position with my staff that we didn't harvest yet. Not that my staff lost in terms of weight, but we were just timing the dressing of her Sunshines to the schedule of the truck that heads back to Manila to bring me the products.

Two important things were brought by this planning. The stocks on dressed chicken turned out just the bonus...

1) Both Raymond and my staff grew it to almost uniformly, to about 1.4 in 42days, 1.7 in 49days. Shows that proper care and the improved lines of Sunshine did perform :)

2) My staff was able to sell the day old chicks better. The store that she handles, far performs compared to our other branches. Why? She had first hand experience in growing...and raising it carefully as she had profits at stake there. I can hear her explaining well to customers and talking with conviction.

The problem of shortage was answered, plus plus.

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