Saturday, October 18, 2008

Small Pesterings May Lead To Eliminating Pests

About 2 weeks ago, I had been emailing or texting with someone in Qatar who'd like Sunshines for his family in Palawan. Exchange of email etc.

During Agrilink 2008, I get a call from him. Well, I was in the middle of the booth, talking to several people simultaneously, different topics...during trade shows, it might pay off for others to just listen first as 95% of discussions are FAQs :) Anyway, I may have snapped at him and directed him to my dealer in Puerto Princesa, w/c had been discussed in our emails already. Guys, most times, it is cheaper to get from our dealers :)

Yesterday, he directed me to using a map so he can spot where we are. Wehehehhe, I clicked on something wrong and looked like we own SM Fairview....I should blame myself. I jump on things, not taking time to read first. Complain before looking for EDIT buttons. Finally when I found how, it takes 3days to edit. Thankful for all those quirks....It lead to a very pleasant chat actually. He was happy he got from the Palawan dealer but can't find probiotics. I said he can just make it, but I had to go "BRB".

Next thing, he sent me this link on How To Make Your Own Probiotics.

We both would like to share this with you too :)

See, small pesterings do good. Just like GOOD BACTERIA!

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