Monday, October 27, 2008

Sundays Are Busiest For Us

Sundays are the regular radio programs, seminar schedules, weekend markets, 2nd hatch day for the week (other is Thursday), invoices preparations, and scheduling deliveries.

Yesterday was no other Sunday, plus plus.

At about 12midnight, we get a call, the 10 wheeler truck gets two (2) blown tires on NLEX. Good, no accident. Other drivers were off already, so who was left to service the truck to bring two tires? You guessed right Doc Rey hhahahhaha. By 4:30am he was back in Fairview.

We didn't get to the 4:30am radio program, but we were ready for the 9am appointment with a Governor for one of the Luzon provinces (just watch out for future posts). Got to Dulcinea 5mins before our appointed time. He was in another table with another group for his 8am meeting.

This post is for two points:

1) Action person: I have never met any government official of this rank to meet with us upfront for the initial talks. Most of them will send the assistant to meet with us for the first time then we get to meet them succeeding talks. This Governor had no assistant nor secretary around. He took down his own notes, thought out his own questions, created theories on the spot and scheduled us to go for a seminar for his key people next week. Yes, 7days after. If it weren't for the holidays, he might have asked for an earlier date. As soon as date was set, he was on the phone giving instructions to gather the key people of the province for a seminar, and going several steps ahead by what has to be done in the lower levels to prepare for the arrival of the chicks soon after.

2) Best referrals are from friends you knew as kids: Always thought that real friendships are the ones formed in school. You know one another, not because of business etc. You want their company, period. You don't need any favors to want to see the person. So most times, you trust referrals by your old friends.

I asked the Gov where we were seen. A magazine where Zac Sarian featured us for the Agrilink 2008, together with Joey Rigor, the Sunshine Capon producer. Turns out Joey was his classmate from high school and college. So he touched based again with Joey and that led to us.

Anyway....means....we do a seminar on Monday 9am, in a farm, by the beach...

I texted Zac Sarian after that meeting....asked if he wanted to go visit this Gov's projects...and YES he will join. See, work is never work for us :)

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