Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Opening Up A Store

First came the name: About 4weeks ago or so, the name ORGANIKASYON was toying up in my mind. From way back, I had a bond with PURVEYOR, so I used the tagline PURVEYORS OF WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU.

At that point, I just had labels printed, but nothing concrete yet. Except that products I opt to sell and carry will have my labels. Things and food I will want to use myself. That is my focus!

Two weeks back, I jumped on the opportunity of this corner space with parking, right across SM Fairview. Been very busy with shows, but now after AGRILINK 2008 over, I can sit and visualize my store.

Finally, my store. I can direct wholesale/retail clients to a store. We can serve them 24/7 for pick ups by the wholesalers. I can sell what I want to consume for myself. I can stay put and focus on my niche market :)

Am so excited to spruce up the place with my kind of interior designing. Shop for freezers. Best thing is plan ORGANIKASYON's merchandising.

Will keep you posted when we are ready to open our doors!


  1. re earthworm feeding
    is this allowed? do you have input infos about it? i am developing vermicomposting, and one sideline use for these earthworms would be for "finishing" the chickens. Is that ok?

  2. Yes very good for the Sunshines. Read

  3. nangingitlog po ba ang sunshine chicken?