Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lipa With Great Company

When Zac Sarian (Manila Bulletin) mentioned that Chit Pedrosa (yes, the well known writer, Philippine Star) called him about chickens, I was thrilled to meet the writer of the "Conjugal Dictatorship". Have you read that book? I did as a child, barely teen. I vaguely remember then that is was supposed to be banned and wasn't supposed to be circulated.

So last week when Zac said Chit wanted us to go visit their farm in was a no thinking YES.

Baby showed us her Traveler's Palm. We never saw one with flowers and she says it is lucky. We were regaled with the siblings' life stories, and I will say luck was with them, aside from great genes!

Pleasant company. Chit Pedrosa, her daughter (photographer), her sister Baby, her friend Evelyn of Vazbuilt, Evelyn's daughters, Zac, Doc Rey (photographer) and moi :) We were admiring the thatched roof house that now has ferns. Zac explaining how it developed over the years.

Lunch was a great table spread of fresh and simple food. Yes it was delicious, but the company made it great. We ate so much...but the laughter that accompanied the meal may be an alibi that we burned the calories.

As I am typing this now, I searched on "Conjugal Dictatorship". Hmmmmmm, it was Primitivo Mijares who wrote it.

Wrong infos doesn't change the privilege that our job interesting personas. Manila Bulletin and Philippine Star is another conjugal relationship among writers.

Go back to the picture above. Guess who is the 70 yr old lady there? I will say I look the oldest!

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