Sunday, October 05, 2008


I like the ring to that word....

Sure it just means a trader, supplier, furnishes provisions...I still like the old world :)

Years ago, a colleague and I opened a store, half way around the world. It was situated in a very upscale, lake town area in Canada. We had handmade quilts, wicker furniture, 100% cotton lingerie, handmade place mats etc. We used the word "purveyor" in our tagline.

Our real work took both of us, traveling a lot. Opening up that store was our relaxation. We both enjoyed the shopping and selecting. It was our quaint little world. But, having a business 4hrs away from the city from where she was based, w/c makes that 4hrs away from a city halfway around the world for me...and remember, we were both traveling heavily....with a heavy heart we had to give it up :(

That was 20 yrs ago.

Now, as I was thinking of a new branding for a trading outlet....I closed my eyes and searched within my heart. I dug up the things that made me happy...and hey, I saw the word again.

"Purveyors Of What Is Good For You"

That's my tagline for ORGANIKAS....

As of now, I think the venture will focus on items I will use and want for myself. There won't be many options nor choices like in a supermarket . Just the way I am, some variety, but the quality and selection will be in a certain category. Am quite predictable :)

Not quite yet done :) Still a lot to do...

Will show you my initial products soon, together with the complete branding name....soon

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