Monday, October 06, 2008

Thought Balloons

Here I am, stuck in a car dealer's lounge. Yesterday, was my first time to drive again the truck in maybe 2weeks. I was tired so driving slowly. When Doc Rey took the wheel, there was a marked change in his driving habits, I thought he was still uncomfortable from his operation, so driving slowly. Then I drove again and hmmmm, the engine was choked.

I didn't take chances and brought it to my favorite mechanic. Apparently, the car dealer that had been servicing this for the past 3x, hadn't been doing a good job on the filters. So here I am, decided to do the 35,000km preventive to save time.

Emergency breaktimes make you sit, ponder and wonder. Having a million things to do for the week, I was just happy that I got #1 errand for the day done before heading for the mechanic.

Thought balloons...I called my thoughts in compartments and sort of cartooned easier to see what I have to do.

One is my ingress for Agrilink :) Then a cute idea formed in my thought balloon!

Let's see if my ideas will also look good in actual.

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