Monday, October 27, 2008


Every Sunday, over Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura, 4:30-7:30am, DWWW 774 khz, we run a contest for consumer awareness and education. Prize is 10 chicks, claimed every last Sunday of the month during the monthly Agri Kapihan forums.

Last Sunday, I like our question, didn't need poultry was sentido komon, common sense. Can't remeber exactly how I phrased it, but it somehow went like:

Bakit wala dapat mag claim na nauna sa pagintroduce ng free range na manok dito, at bakit hindi kailangan ng specialista sa pag aalaga ng Sunshines? (Why shouldn't anyone claim to be the first in introducing the free range chicken in the Philippines, and why you don't need a specialist to raise these Sunshines?

We got good, simple and true answers :)

1) Ganun naman talaga ang mga manok natin bago pa dumating ang commercial poultry.
2) Pagala sila at malakas sa mga sakit, at likas sa kanila ang paghanap ng sariling pagkain.
3) Pagala lang sila at simple ang pagaalaga
4) Talaga namang naka free range ang mga manok nung sinauna.

We always say, let us go back to basics and unlearn the misconceptions about poultry management. Go back to what is simple and common sense. In these cases, easier to teach the unlearned rather than specialists.

As I always say, if we have to credit anyone for opening the eyes of people to the free range chicken industry again, it is Bobby Inocencio. I'm glad we are very much in touch with him to this day.

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