Thursday, October 23, 2008


I never even entered kitchens, much more my own. Well things changed and in 2000 I started to read and cooked :)

When I got active in marketing the business, my cooking had to rest (am sure Doc Rey made sure I was more than busy to cook!).

Now, seeing, meeting and talking with chefs....makes me think what the hell did I feed at the table before ahahhahha.

The point of this topic really is....the chefs, I just got side tracked. Dealing with them is fun, interesting and you get to exchange energies from both sides' passion. The owner/chefs are the best. Profit is to be considered of course. BUT creativity and gameness is infecting. The profit issue is later when pencils are pushed...but that is after the fact that you have talked about the quality, taste, supply and they have liked having Sunshines.

I meet the chefs during trade shows...soon after you get initially think you got memory lapse as they sound like long lost friends. They are generally a happy lot.

I have changed my impression about persons who want to take up culinary arts. As parents you first think maybe they don't know what to do. Yes, I am from the 60s and now part of the old generation. The young will always think parents think arghhh. Not anymore....the people who take up culinary arts know what they want and are happy about themselves :)

What led me to this post now? I was just texting with the owner/chef of a much blogged resto in QC. He is excited over his finds today, as I delivered to him this morning. Next order didn't have to wait....

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