Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Think Simple

The most asked when we displayed these Sunshine Chicks during Agrilink 2008, "What are those things for their water, mineral blocks?"

No sir/mam, they are stones, nothing more. Plays an important role though. In that picture, they actually need more stones for their waterer.

When day old chicks get to you, they are thirsty. They will rush to get their drink. In the process they get too excited and almost bury their heads in the water. We don't want that to happen, as they will get wet and will feel cold. When they chill, they will bunch up amongst one another to get the heat they need. They will end up pushing against one another and trampling on some chicks :(

Just this morning, on the way to work, I was telling Doc Rey about the question if the stones were mineral blocks or vitamins :) He shouldn't take it for granted that small matters need not be explained. What is natural for a veterinarian/farmer will be greek to a budding farmer.

Think simple, think practical. That was all our forefathers needed to do to survive and eat.


  1. "What is natural for a veterinarian/farmer will be greek to a budding farmer."

    very true!!!!!!! TWO HANDS RAISED!! hahahaha.

    tita, comment on my streamer and leaflets ha. will show it to you in the coming weeks.

    will be going to the farm and finalize the bigger brooding area. buti i was able to talk to you. was planning on 500/brooder. now will plan for 200/brooder.

    thanks for taking my call last time and your support. talking to you was a shot in the arm. needed it. =)

    will be harvesting some chicks this week for a beach outing, double purpose, kasi it will be sampling na rin to friends.

    regards to you and doc rey.


  2. You might want to join the free seminar at Market at the Hills on Nov9, 2pm. You will listen now to the seminar from a different perspective.

  3. cige tita, i will mark it and try to attend at MATH.

    thanks for the invite tita.