Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Transformation: Emergency's 13th Anniversary

As I was driving home tonight from Guimba, Nueva Ecija - I was detailing the day, my thoughts, emotions...clearly, there was a transformation. I immediately sat down and downloaded the photos taken and searched for the GMA website. Surprise! TRANSFORMATION was also their tagline for Emergency's 13th Anniversary (read here). Their transformation is about aesthetics for the obvious meaning. But being with the crew when awaiting Anabel to come home and when she know how important it is to her and you will feel blessed and transformed, even for that instant.

I got a call about 3days ago or so from our GMA kapuso (we have worked with her in some projects in the past) and she talked about Emergency's anniversary and that they want to give a patient, livelihood related to poultry. I don't really watch Emergency as I am not to keen about their format before of accidents, rescues etc. Sure I enjoyed "911" of before, but I guess I am over that format now.

Joy talked about prosthetics, 2yrs in UST Hospital, poultry etc. So I thought, OK so the patient got in into an accident and needed a leg or two, and now wants to go back into the mainstream. Wednesday, today, being the shoot day.... in Guimba (half way between Manila and Isabela), scheduled the same time as the seminar with Cong Gigi Aggabao....I wanted and was really tempted to ask one of my vets to attend this. The same way I asked another vet attend to Joy's other GMA event before.

I left Manila at 7am, half hearted, as I didn't have Sunshines to give as the previous hatches were sold out, plus the fact that the mid day travel will be terrible stress as they will take seat in the camper shell. Thought balloon led me to ask some from the farm and get the few that was set aside for Christmas :)

Actually, I looked more forward to stopping by a stainless kitchen supplies store, that was on the way and will be open as we normally go by the store midnight. Yes, saw the things I needed for my store.

Got to Guimba at about 1pm. From the provincial road, you see a welcome sign, meant for Anabel. I was in the right track. Got to the site, met by Joy, who I meet personally for the first time :) Met the relatives of Anabel, brought down the Sunshines.

My attention started getting tickled, when I see these group of ladies...obviously not from the neighborhood, peeling and slicing veggies for the pansit. Joy of Emergency says they were from bobongpinoy organization, who took care of Anabel in UST Hospital for 2yrs. They were her family no doubt. You can feel that from the way they talk about her. Hey, this was more her can sense how they love her.

That was when got interested in Anabel's case. No accident victim as I presumed, prosthetics wasn't for limbs. She has skin cancer. Felt shy and unloved before by family and friends. Felt that she can't face (no pun intended) the people around her. She opted to be alone in Metro Manila. It was the bobongpinoy group that filled her need for attention and love.

I was so scared that how she looked will draw "OHSSSS" from the people awaiting her return. I feared she will sense that from their voices even if they try to masque their reactions. She couldn't see anymore....but remember the telephone ettiquete lesson? "Smile as you speak, as it is felt by the part on the other end of the line". Why am I nervous? Because I myself kept asking, did she look like a doll? Will it make her perspire a lot? How is she?

They said the prosthetics technicians did their best. That wasn't a reassuring reply. But yes...Anabel is strong, very strong!

She has arrived! Wow, there was no need for the fixed smile and bright eyes of the know that there was a strong woman! No tears, no quivering voice when she arrived and felt her family after 2 years.

The producer approached me about turning over the Sunshines to the couple. I said if it can be done off-cam? After all that emotion, I felt that going on cam was defeating the purpose. Besides, in all my taray glory, I was teary eyed and might breakdown on-cam. Producer understood, but since I was the only guest there, she explained I had to do it.

See and feel for yourself.

She sang a song...I didn't post it to save it for Friday when you watch Emergency, after Saksi.

Beauty is defenitely deeper than skin. But looking good makes you feel better. Seeing that also, make you rethink about what matters.

As I was typing this post, the Emergency teaser came out 2x already. The more I feel for her, and I was the most detached in that group today. I can just imagine how her Manila kids (bobongpinoy group) and Emergency crew felt. One cameraman even showed me how she looked without prosthetics. You can really see how strong she is.

Coincidentally, number 13 is my favorite :)

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