Monday, October 20, 2008

Designing And Fixing

New ventures always excite me. Designing, fixing, merchandising, opening new branches.

My new baby, Organikasyon is specially a cooing call, because it is not a new branch. Organikasyon is a new business, a spinoff. More than a spinoff, it is more like a bigger stem to our previous marketing efforts.

Early morning we peeped into the stall. Seeing what are the immediate repairs and planning layout for store. By noon, I was looking at freezers and airconditioning. Afternoon, Pol Rubia came to feel the outlet. Surely, AANI will be around. Evening saw us shopping around for stainless counters and sinks.

Good vibes actually! Bus/jeepney stop. Good parking. Across SM Fairview. Before I sleep, I will visualize the signboards. Great corner location, thinking about a building wrap :) Those signboard stickers that wrap around the walls!

We hope to open up soon. Will keep you posted.

ORGANIKASYON: Purveyors Of What Is Good For You... Focused on what I want and will use myself.

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