Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We Are at PHP30 Pick Up. But...

We encourage you to pick up at day old.

We want to simplify our flow of work, both paperwork and manual labor for our staff at our own outlets

How do we do it?

1) Make the pick up price of PHP30 only on Mondays and Fridays. Since we hatch Thursdays and Sundays, getting it from us at day old will be beneficial for you and us. You, for biosecurity reasons. For us, so we don't ask our staff to do additional work.

2) For that price, we will do it for the pre-ordered and pre-paid (may be done through bank) transactions. That way, we are able to fix our schedules and bookings before the busy delivery days. Paperwork is done in advance.

3) All other walk-in and telephone transactions, will be at php35. This will cover for the work our staff has to do in brooding etc

4) Delivered prices will depend on location.

5) Selling prices of our dealers are different. Most of our bigger dealers have very fair prices. Cheaper to get from them than to transact with us if you are outside Metro Manila anyway.

Actually we don't want to increase. We just want to make it easy for all. Pre-book, pre-pay and pick up to get PHP30.

Thank you :)


  1. Will the new price scheme affect us in Palawan? As you mentioned in item nos.3 and 4...

  2. mcleon, sorry but Palawan entails delivery and extra work because of air cargo transactions. Last week, I heard the selling price of my dealer in Palawan is PHP42. Very fair. If you will get a lot, maybe they can give volume price.

  3. gud pm! i would like to buy your sunshine chicken. how much is it now? how can i order and will you deliver to san juan? thank you very m=uch

  4. @ Jimmy_Lim, this website is updated and the SRP for Luzon is listed at PHP45. I am sorry, we don't do Metro Manila deliveries, but we do have a dealer near you. Kalentong area. Pls check on our Dealer List. Thank you

  5. Good day solraya! Where can I buy Sunshine chicks? I am from Baguio City and I'm planning to put-up a chicken poultry at my wife's province (Binalonan, Pangasinan. I'm not really sure about Sunshine chicken, but it sounds good...not sure also how sunshine chicken is differed from ordinary 45days broilers or sasso chickens? I'd be glad to hear from you. Thank you and God bless.