Thursday, October 30, 2008


Holiday schedule for Market At The Hills' night weekend market...I can't just be there and sell dressed Sunshines!

Elena of Manna Specialty Bakery, gave us Liver Pate that she made from my chickens' livers. It was heaven. Pure liver, no additives, no other meat ingredients. We finished our bread and 2 packs of pate, between three ladies..,and taste tests to Mary Ann and Candy. We can't get over how delicious it was, simply liver pate.

Pricing was discussed. It will be pricey compared to others. We walked over to the deli and bought a jar of what was labeled as liver pate. Just reading the label we knew already why it may be priced as such, being not pure liver. Opening it, they took a sniff and knew... we had a good product coming up from Elena. We still did a taste test among the 5 of us, and voted that we should pack some of our own :) I should tag it.. Pina-MANNA!

I want to come out too with viands from our naturally grown chicken and pork. Vacuum packed, ready to be stored, easy to pack in luggages for pasalubongs, ready to be heated and eaten!

In all the frenzy of my activities: seminars, opening Organikasyon, Christmas like a merry go round! Hmmm which brings me...I want a rotisserie!

Getting several for the stores now. Excited to have a Merry Chicken wehehhehe.

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