Friday, October 17, 2008

Eggs From Grass Fed Sunshine Chickens

I haven't been to our farm for a long time now...when I say farm, this is our small farm in Santiago, where we live and our main store is based.

We have some Sunshines here for our own consumption of eggs and meat. The demand and request for eggs from real grass fed chickens have gone up and we started sharing our small harvests for the week.

I get to sell our produce at Market At The Hills, and it excited me to see the producers again. They are just a few, but seeing them graze, makes me proud of the eggs I sell.

I remember one known seller before who is supposed to be selling free-ranged eggs. Inquired from us about the reject eggs from our hatchery. Oh sure we do have them, but they are not sold by us, as they are not eggs from grass fed, free ranging chickens. Surely she knows that, and feigned memory lapse :) Well, I added that memory to my character gauging bank.

Few minutes later, guess what Doc Rey found amongst the bushes.

I had the freshest, warm, healthy, just out of the cloaca, egg...I eat our eggs raw. Threw back the empty shell to them. I should have taken a picture of the raw egg and how they fought for the egg shell. The calcium is good for them.

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