Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fruitful Drive Around Town

Started the day by doing a delivery of our dressed Sunshines. Next was BAI for the required local shipping permits. Went to printer for my building wrap designs for the meat shop (she is in the hospital to give birth...looks like we are having two new babies). Louis of SASSO calls from China, a little chit chat :) Drove to check out other stainless kitchen equipments. Picked up a heavy duty vault. Had lunch by my happy self...."Grilled Unagi please and I'd like to start with my Salmon Sashimi". A large company had been calling about seeing us, so I decided to visit them. YES! Closed the deal and of course turned over sales to the growers who are capable of immediate supplies. Went to get additional freezers...geez....I thought before, one was enough. Now, I am on my 5th in one week's time! Rushed back when I realized the chickvan can't leave since I haven't printed invoices for deliveries and shipping permits with moi.

One paragraph, each sentence was not related to the other. Fruit salad style. They still blended well.

Tomorrow....I meet my best buddies. Margie set her bday lunch one week after. I called her two days ago to check where...she forgot about it. She calls today that we meet at 11am at Mitos' office. I asked if she was cooking. Replied "I am busy looking for the ingredients to give me good feng shui"! OH WOW....lunch tomorrow might me more interesting than my activities today.

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