Thursday, April 02, 2009

Take Time

Yesterday was week2 of the 5000 heads in a brooder of an entrepreneur. At week1, Doc Rey already suggested moving some to ease up space. They were using pig pens and Doc Rey was instructing to open up the walls to let fresh air in.

At week2, the farm manager was alarmed that the pens were crowded as the Sunshines were growing fast. He said the ranging pens were ready. Doc Rey said he will check that day.

When we got to the farm, the chicks were ranging, happily! We caught the farm manager nervous as it was starting to rain and the skies were gloomy.

His nervousness was right and with basis!!!! If he took time and waited, he will have had several options:

1) Doc Rey may have suggested to open up the brooding area more
2) Just release in the ranging area the number o Sunshines that will ease up the space in the brooders
3) Have rice hull (ipa) as beddings in the shelters
4) Elevate or install bamboo floorings for the shelters


1) They are just 2weeks old, they would be better off inside brooders for protections from predators.
2) They need the heat from their beddings
3) When ranged, even with adlib feeds, they will still prefer grass. They will prefer to play, instead of ensuring that they be able to get first their nutrition for the 21days
4) Rain water will make the ground wet, so elevation will be a good idea

Everything said and done, the farm helps had to work double time last night. So far, no calls. No news is good news :)

Moral of the lesson....don't be too excited and in a hurry. Assess situations. There are no rules to follow in natural farming...but let common sense guide you. AND, when asked by your veterinarian to wait...surely he knows that it isn't a life or death situation yet.

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