Friday, January 02, 2009


100% lasang native!

That's our tagline.

Today, the 1st working day for our stores, we got so much good feedback from the backyard farmers. They cooked it for their own and neighbors' consumption, sold meat and some gave it as gifts during the Christmas season. They said the word is the tagline was true...100% lasang native.

One said it had a fantastic taste, but rubbery when roasted. Depending on how you cook it, because I and a lot of other customers roast a lot. I love baking in the oven or using my turbo broiler. It is firm, but not tough. For first timers, you can't compare the texture to the regular industrial chickens that you are used to :)

For the holidays, I served it as roasted with herbs and in home cooked adobo style. Wiped out about tubs of pure liver pate in two days in separate gatherings. Deep friend the gizzard originally cooked adobo style.

My gauge of a good product? When its the men in the crowd asking for the chicken, pate etc!

100% in taste and health benefits.

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