Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Often, during our conversations while traveling, Zac Sarian would talk about how he wants to have a website and thinks about hiring someone to do it for him.

Last Sunday, he caught the tail end of Doc Rey's seminar for Sunshine Chicken. He saw how full Organika was, the profile of the people who attended and how interested they were. So when we reached NLEX and started our talks again, it drifted to the profile of the attendees, their interest, and the number that turned up for the seminar.

We summed it to: people are thirsty to do something new, different and the economic times are not a time to take uncalculated chances. We talked about multi seminars that we can take nationwide etc.

He asked again about a website and the expenses that I incur in doing mine. Huh? "I use free" I do have a registered but I want the ease and freedom to type and post when I want. Aesthetics is important to you..I asked. He said, "no, content is". Then will be ok then!

If you want more from Zac, aside from his Thursday, Saturday and Sunday articles....check his

It will be on a slow he has to get his personal paraphernalia going....but don't worry. His ideas are all stored already. Eager to run (is an understatement)!

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