Friday, January 30, 2009

Increased Production

Our production have increased starting this week and will be doubling up in the next couple of weeks.

Our 3rd batch of Certified Parent Stocks (2nd batch of SASSO of France) have started to give us production.

Why you ask, are we doubling up our output? Not really planned at this stage. Our 2nd batch and present breeders are already from SASSO of France. We were basing our egg production and fertility rate from our previous set of breeders. Of course from the onset the production of SASSO was far better, but we didn't anticipate that their fertility curve was far better than the 1st batch we had.

Everything fell into place. We have increased demand from our clients, and we have doubled our production.

Double output and we now have the naked necks!


  1. Hello. Is this blog still active? Im from manila and interested to buy sasso. Tnx.