Sunday, January 11, 2009

Don't Just Feel It. Taste It!

Remember that commercial for a shampoo? As I was reviewing photos taken in Ilocos Sur of this very pretty girl, I recalled that Alice Dixon ad :)

During the lunch breaktime during Monday's dispersal, we decided to hie off to Sinait. That is the last town of Ilocos Sur, boundary of Ilocos Norte.

Led to the recipients of the 1st dispersal in December, saw us looking at almost 2 kilo Sunshines :) It was 1.5k around Christmas time, but recipients thought that the project coordinators needed to check on it before they are able sell. Some other recipients were apologetic that they have started to sell.

That is the point! Gov DV and I chorused that "that is what we want"! Starting next week, recipients will start to give back eight (8) adults, so they may qualify to get 100 21day old chicks again.


  1. how many days a solraya chicken reach 1 kilo?
    how much expences expected to raise one solraya chicken to reach 1 kilo?

    is it profitable than a 45 days chicken?

  2. Average expense is PHP120 per head for about 49days, to get 1.4kilos liveweight. Yes, higher ROI than the industrial white chickens.