Thursday, January 29, 2009

Worst Is Yet To Come For RP Economy.... How Do You Move Then?

That was the status of a person on my YM list. I asked why so negative...

He said people should see and feel the negative so they can move and work beyond the problems. Well....maybe in Japan where he is based. For the majority of us Filipinos in the Philippines...we sit back and relax for all reasons. We relax when we feel comfortable and confident. We relax more when we think the worse is yet to come...much more when worst is to come! Scared? Nuh....more like statue game, poker face duh.

Someone called me the other day and said that the competitor told him that they are riding on our advertising and marketing advances. Thank you for the compliment. If you are riding on someone, why backlash them? Ride with the good wind...because if you kill your competitor, you damage the industry too. So goes for all. No time now for bickerings and politicking. We all have to move on and reinvent ourselves.

Last week, I was toying with horizontal marketing in my mind. Who to do it with, how, when, what. Destiny drops the pieces in the puzzle.

We had a client who wants to get closest to organic raising of Sunshines. We needed a key person to guide him. Well, today's article of Zac Sarian turned on the light. He featured us at the same time. Of course Tere and Armand of Earthkeepers! So when Doc Rey met with the client this morning, he just handed them the Manila Bulletin to refer to.

Tere coincidentally texted me about pricing of day old chicks as she was getting inquiry from people who visit their farm. We talked on the phone and she was also thinking about integration of seminars to benefit the participants from learning from people who are technical already, outside and beyond the organic farm inputs.

I can picture Zac writing out his columns earlier. He features articles for other people to sieve doable ideas from. Linking suppliers maybe wasn't in his agenda today.

Back to my negative friend.....he wasn't really negative. He was on the road of pushing and scaring people to bring out the best in them.

Sure, with the proper motivation and psyche....yes, problems are hurdles to get to better things.

"moshi moshi"

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