Saturday, January 03, 2009

Great Start

Today we thought was going to be a slow day, as we came to start the normal schedules for the weekend markets.

As I am typing this at 10:30, I know I will pack up by 12 noon. I don't know what made this a fast day. Did they want home cooked meals after the parties? They had been gifted and wanted to buy for their own now? They heard about it in social gatherings? All of the above :)

Doc Rey got two calls from two different radio stations for interview this morning. Both shows asked him to talk about what to expect for 2009 from Sunshine:

1) Naked necks from SASSO of France - sturdier and tastier line. The growers have asked for this line. We are now test hatching and may have it available end of January at the earliest.

2) Organika will get bigger - We will continue to source new and good natural products for you.

3) Nationwide - seminars and farm visits. Our commitment to sustainability is to teach and monitor.

4) Organikarts - Just toyed up with this yesterday. Make the Organika products readily available and convenient for most people. Carts....

Good to be up and about. Being available at the right time and proper places.

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