Friday, January 02, 2009

Another 100%

Hard to document feasibility studies as different strokes for different folks, when you talk about free ranging, grass fed Sunshines.

After I greet Maricel, head of my crew for Santiago City, I asked her how her sales went. She sells her harvest to her neighbors. So for the end of 2008, she sold 50% of her 100 . She sold her dressed chickens at php190/kilo and the liver at php200/kilo. At an average of 1.2-1.5 kilos dressed in 60days, I made a quick compution and asked her that if she sold 50 out of her 100 chicks, then she must have already gotten back her investment, plus a little some?

She smiled "yes". So she looks forward now to selling the remaining. As those will be her profit.

She is now preparing for a new batch to brood. Think graduations, and fiesta time :)

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